Eivind Aarset

New album I.E. released on Jazzlandrec

Finally my new album is ready... Based on experiences of the live lineup for the last five years, it has a rougher edge then most of my previous work ; Audun Erlien: bass, Wetle Holte and Erland Dahlen: drums, percussion and a lot of other stuff, myself on guitar and electronics. But we also had the pleasure of working with Jan Bang (livesampling co-production) on most of the tracks, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (vocals) on one track, Det norske blåse ensemble on a couple of tunes, Michele Rabbia (electronic treatments) on a couple of tunes, and finally Jan Galaga Brönnimann (contrabass clarinet) on two tracks. Bjarni Stensli has mixed the album, except one tune mixed by Tchad Blake. The album is mastered by Helge Sten, and the artwork is made by Ian Anderson from Designers republic