Eivind Aarset

New album out

The Height Of The Reeds" started as a commissioned work to the city of Hull, Great Britain´s cultural capital 2017. Music composed by Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset, and field recordist Jez riley French, the work celebrates the longstanding seafaring relationship between Hull and Scandinavia. It was originally the musical companion to a sound walk that took place in April, May and June 2017. Those who took part could listen to the music on headphones while crossing the Humber Bridge. Initially intended for April only, the arrangement proved so popular it ended up with selling out three months, a total of 15.000 tickets.

Two new releases: Séan Mac Erlaine "Music For Empty Ears" and J.Peter Schwalm "How We Fall"

I am happy to be involved in these two new releases:

Clarinetist and composer Séan Mac Erlaine invited Jan Bang and myself to partricipate on his new album "Music For Empty Ears". Two intense days in Amper Tone studio in Oslo, and postproduction in Irland by Séan resulted in this album which I think has a strong identity of it´s own. Itis out now, and is released on Ergodos

My old friend and long time collaborator J.Peter Schwalm is releasing his new album "How We Fall" on Rare Noise Rec the 8th of june 2018, with contributions by Tim Harries and myself. The music is dark and rich, with lots of textural details.

NORDUB New record!

New record out, very happy to be teamed up with the jamaican legends Sly and Robbie on drums and bass, my old friend Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet, Vladislav Delay on electronics, and my self on guitar and more electronics. Produced by Jan Bang who also added samples, and finally mixed by Vladislav Delay https://open.spotify.com/search/results/Nordub

Andy Sheppard and Bendik Hofseth

Two of my favorite composers and sax players are out with new records, and I am very happy, proud and lucky, that I have been given the chance to contribute on both of them. Andy Sheppard new album is "Romaria", it is released on ECM and the other contributors are Seb Rochford; drums, Michel Benita on bass, Manfred Eicher producer, and Stefano Amerio sound. Bendik Hofseth album is "Atonement", released on C+C records, with Paolo Vinaccia drums, Mike Mainieri vibraphone, Helge Iberg piano, Mats Eilertsen acoustic bass, Audun Erlien electric bass, Jan Erik Kongshaug and Giert Clausen sound.