Eivind Aarset

Andy Sheppard "Surrounded by Sea"

Great to be hooking up with Andy Sheppard, Michele Rabbia, and Michel Benita again for another "surrounded by sea" tour. We will perform material from the ECM release "Surrounded by Sea" alongside new material from Andy.

Performance with Virgilio Sieni

I am thrilled to again have the chance to perform with the fantastic dancer Virgilio Sieni. This time we will perform at Auditorium, Parco Della Musica in Rome

Capital Punishment for Cars

My dear wife, Anne-Marie Giørtz, has released a new record "Capital Punishment for Cars" out now on the record company Grappa. The music is rich on atmospheres, poetry, playfulness, dynamics and a little touch of weirdness, and has a strong focus on the lyrical content. We recorded with a small trio: multi instrumentalist - percussionist Peter Baden, Anne-Marie on vocals, piano, gu-zheng and percussion, and I play guitars, bass and produced the record. It is recorded at Amper Tone studio in Oslo by Bård Ingebretsen and Johnny Skalleberg. The mix is by Bård Ingebretsen.